Flow Meters for Liquid

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Flow Meters for Liquid

Flowhire offer a wide range of flow meters for liquid measurement. Whether you are looking for a flowmeter for high or low temperatures, high or low pressures; whether you are looking for a portable flowmeter for a survey, or a fixed installation for a longer-term test, Flowhire have a wide range of options available.


The Widest Choice for Flowmeter Hire

We offer ATEX approved flowmeters for hazardous areas, non-invasive flowmeters that have minimal effect on the flow through the pipe, and everything from a simply installed clamp-on ultrasonic system through to a high-accuracy Coriolis meter supplied pre-built in a crash frame with datalogger and suitable for pressures up to 258bar and temperatures up to 200ºC.


Types of liquid flowmeters for hire – quick guide

Turbine meter hire – popular, safe and hazardous areas, compact and easy to install

Coriolis meter hire – high accuracy, directly measures mass flow

Magnetic flow meter hire – good for water/wastewater, blending, dosing and batching.

Clamp-on flow meter hire – completely non-invasive, simple installation battery powered and portable


Please click through the images in the gallery on this page, or use the menu to find more information about the specific meters in the Flowhire range.


Get in Touch

We have the expertise and experience to make sure that you make the ideal choice for your liquid flowmeter project. We will work with you to decide what the best possible choice is for your application and to meet your project objectives. Every meter we supply is sent to you pre-configured to your application parameters, so you can get straight onto the measurements you need. Please email us at sales@flowhire.co.uk or call us on 01422 829930.


If you are looking to purchase rather than hire, check out the huge range of liquid flowmeters at our sister company, Flowquip www.flowquip.co.uk.