Ultrasonic Flow Meter Hire

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Hire

Flowhire offer Ultrasonic flow meter hire from the world's leading manufacturers in non-invasive flow metering technology.

With no need to break into the pipe or interrupt the process, Flowhire's Ultrasonic flow meters are the easiest and quickest way to measure flow within filled pipes. Your choice of Ultrasonic flow meter will depend on the type of measurement you need to make, length of time the measurement will be made and the pipe material in use.

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Our products include the Katronic KATflow 200 and KATflow 230 portable flow meters, and the Flexim ATEX Ultrasonic flow meter.

Contact us to discuss your application and we can specify the Ultrasonic flow meter for your application. Email sales@flowhire.co.uk or call us on +01422 829930


If you are looking to purchase rather than rent, check out the range of Non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters at our sister company, Flowquip (https://www.flowquip.co.uk/flowmetertechnologies/ultrasonic-flow-meters/), where permanent installation meters are also available.


Typical Applications for Clamp-on Meters

Our range of clamp meters for Ultrasonic flow meter hire or 'strap on flow meters', are ideal for liquid measurement in full pipes, measurement of clean or deionised water, wastewater, oils, solvents, acids, hydrocarbons and other chemicals. Pipe materials are not normally an issue, and a clamp-on portable meter will work for pipes from 10mm through to 3m or so diameter.


An interesting application for Ultrasonic flow meter is in heat metering, where two pairs of transducers along with thermocouples can integrate flow rate and temperature to directly measure the heat used across a factory, room or machine. Ideal for facilities management or energy usage analysis.

Ultrasonic flow meter hire


Why Choose an Ultrasonic Flow Meter?

Use a clamp-on flowmeter wherever breaking into the pipe is not an option. Clamp-on means just what it says, a simple chain clamp or other band is all that is required. There is no disturbance to the flow, and the very compact transducers can be easily fitted wherever there is a smooth flow.

How does a non-invasive flow meter work?

Each transducer acts as both a transmitter and receiver, emitting and detecting ultrasound pulses that reflect from the pipe walls. Because signals travel both ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’, the flow rate can be determined by the difference between the two measurements.

For more information on Ultrasonic flow meters, email us at sales@flowhire.co.uk or call us on 01422 829930.