FT3/50-1502 High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter

  • High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter

Industrial Turbine Flow Meter

High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter for the Oil and Gas Industries

Flowhire’s new 1502 high pressure turbine flow meter has been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the exacting demands of the applications associated with the oil and petrochemical industries.

The FT3 is an electro-mechanical volumetric device. An important feature of the design is an extremely strong rotor construction utilising helical blades machined from solid, which are virtually indestructible.

The variable inductance pickoff coil mounted on the flowmeter senses the passage of the rotor blades and emits a sine wave voltage pulse, the frequency of which is proportional to volumetric flowrate. This signal is either fed directly to an instrument to provide a local display or into a scaler/conditioner for transmitting to a remote location. Flowquip have a range of instrumentation to suit all needs.

The high pressure turbine flow meter body is machined from solid Alloy A286 which has a very high yield strength allowing the turbine to be used at extreme pressures. The rotor is machined from 431 stainless steel solid bar and has been specially designed with a reduced number of blades and shallow blade angle for liquids containing entrained solids. Heavy duty tungsten carbide bearings make mechanical failure from water-hammer or over-speeding much less likely. To ease maintenance the complete rotor cartridge assembly can be removed from the turbine body without the need for special tooling. The cartridge is held in place by the 1502 mating seal and removal of this seal allows the cartridge to slide out for cleaning or for on-site replacement with a new pre-calibrated rotor assembly if required.

All Flowhire FT3 turbines are individually calibrated with water and are traceable to national standards. A 5-point test certificate is issued for each meter.

FT3 turbine flow meters can be installed in horizontal or vertical pipelines. For bi-directional flow applications the meter should be installed with the direction arrow showing ‘forward’ flow. For best performance installation should be in a straight section of pipe of equal bore size to the flow meter allowing at least 10 pipe diameters upstream and 5 pipe diameters downstream. All control valves should be installed downstream of the flow meter.

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