Electromagnetic Flow Meter Hire

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Hire

Flowhire are specialists in Electromagnetic flow meter hire and bore hole flow measurement. With magnetic flow meters suitable for pipe bores from 2mm through to 300mm, magflow meters are among our most popular meter types, available either as bare meters or with a resettable rate totaliser and/or fully pre-configured data logger. Speak to the Flowhire team to find the most suitable meter for your application. Don’t forget, included in your Electromagnetic flow meter hire service we set the meter up for your application prior to despatch, so you’re ready to install the meter as soon as it arrives.


Fire Hydrant testing

Fire hydrant testing is an important part of a company’s health and safety process and can be a requirement of your company insurance. You can hire a dedicated fire hydrant test meter from Flowhire which comprises of a battery powered mag meter and integral data logger for reporting.


Electromagnetic Flow meter purchase

If you are looking to purchase rather than rent, check out an even wider range of magnetic flow meters at our sister company, https://www.flowquip.co.uk/flowmetertechnologies/electromagnetic-flow-meters/


Typical Applications for Magnetic Flow Meters

A great choice for bore hole flow measurement, sludge/sewage measurement; water and wastewater measurement; monitoring paper pulp flow; measurement of corrosive liquids and slurries; HVAC flow measurement; blending, dosing and batching. Magflow meters do not work on completely non-conductive liquids such as de-ionised water.


Why choose an Electromagnetic Flow Meter?

Magflow meters have no moving parts and don’t obstruct the flow, so they are a great choice for aggressive chemicals and slurries. They are easy to fit, requiring minimal straight pipe upstream and downstream. They can also measure the flow in both directions, so you can measure nett flow (forward minus reverse total).

How does a Magnetic Flow Meter work?

A pair of coils is energised with an electrical current, which induces a magnetic field between them which charges particles in the fluid. As the fluid in a full pipe flows, the charged particles move apart in line with Faraday’s Law, the resulting induced voltage, which is proportional to the flow velocity, being measured by the electromagnetic flowmeter’s sensor.

For more information on Flowhire's Electromagnetic Flow Meter Hire, email us at sales@flowhire.co.uk or call us on 01422 829930.