Heat Transfer Measurement

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Heat Transfer Measurement

Flowhire are experts in Heat Transfer Measurement, and hiring a heat meter from Flowhire is a great way for you to clearly identify where in your building or process your major heat losses lie.

In addition, our heat transfer meters can map energy transfer throughout the heating system and develop the path to manage your facility’s energy efficiency. Given the significant amounts of energy consumed by a large facility, optimising the flows and consumption of heat in both heating by steam or water are crucial to cost reduction. They are also key KPIs reported on as part of management processes, so energy sub-metering projects provide crucial information that help to inform strategic decision making and maximising the efficiency of large HVAC installations.


How Does a Heat Meter Work?

In general, heat meters measure both temperature and flow rate as heating water enters and leaves an area, calculating the actual heat loss across that system. By measuring heat and flow, you can build a detailed picture of where your energy losses occur. You can also identify areas of abnormal consumption of water.


An Expert Heat Meter Recommendation

Depending on your specific requirements, our expert team will work with you to decide the perfect heat meter for your application and supply it to you pre-configured to your parameters and ready for use.

Heat Meter Flow meter Types

Choose from Electromagnetic, Vortex or non-invasive clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meters. Supplied with matched temperature sensors so you can measure liquid flow, differential temperature and heat transfer. Vortex meters, for example using the new Prowirl F200 give you the opportunity to measure steam heat transfer, while the KATflow 230 provides an easy, non-invasive approach, simply requiring the clamping-on of four compact transducers so you can quickly survey a series of environments, perfect for investigations.

For further information on Flowhire's Heat Meters, call us on 01422 829930 or email sales@flowhire.co.uk.