Fire Hydrant Testing

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What is fire hydrant testing?

Fire hydrant testing is an essential part of fire management and safety. Fire hydrants are used by the fire brigade in public highways, but many fire hydrants are an essential precaution for private businesses and residential properties.


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fire hydrant testing

If you have a fire hydrant located within your business or property you are responsible for the regular maintenance of the hydrant. In accordance with the standard BS9990 underground fire hydrants require regular inspection and testing. BS 9990 outlines recommendations for non-automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings. It covers good practice in matters affecting the design, installation, testing and maintenance of wet and dry fire-fighting mains and includes recommendations for provision and siting.

Our customers include fire safety companies, construction companies and building services companies among others.

A key flow meter function is the verification of fire hydrants, which can also be required for building insurance purposes.


Flowhire’s Fire Hydrant Flow Meter

Flowhire offer dedicated fire hydrant testing meters which are available to hire. The electromagnetic flow meter allows the operator to test the flow rate and see which hydrants are operating properly. Additionally the test meter also measures and records water pressure.

Flowhire’s Fire Hydrant Test Meter provides the most reliable and accurate evaluation of hydrant and water main condition. The hydrant meter can tell you which hydrants are working, the flow rate from the hydrant and also the water main capacity. As well as flow rate, the test meter also displays the pressure via an integral digital display. A built-in datalogger allows data to be recorded at the flick of a switch, this can be simply downloaded via a USB port.

Additionally, all Flowhire's fire hydrant test meters are supplied with a fully traceable calibration certificate.

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