Vortex Flow Meters

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Vortex Flow Meter Hire

Flowhire's Vortex flow meters are mainly used for main line air, gas and steam flow measurement, and are available either as a bare meter or as a complete skid including flow, temperature and pressure transmitters and a built-in flow computer to calculate corrected volume or mass rate. If you choose the skid option the systems come pre-built into a metre long run of PN40 stainless steel pipe, fully pre-wired with instructions included. All skid systems are supplied with a five metre mains cable and five metre single extension cable. As part of Flowhire’s great service we will pre-configure and test your flow meter to your specific application so you can slot it straight into your process. Depending on the system you choose you can take pulse or 4-20mA output and/or include a fully pre-configured data logger or other interface.


If you are looking to purchase rather than rent, check out the range of [x] meters at our sister company, Flowquip (link: [https://www.flowquip.co.uk/flowmetertechnologies/vortex-flow-meters/]


Typical Applications for Vortex Flow Meters


A vortex flow meter can be used for measuring all kinds of low viscosity gases and liquids, although the majority are used for steam measurement. Steam is a particular measurement challenge – high temperature and often high pressure, with variations in the type of steam leading to changes in measurement parameters. Typical Flowhire vortex flow meter applications include: measurement of main line steam, air and gas flows, testing of compressor or boiler efficiency, boiler feed water measurement and measurement of demineralised water.


Why choose a Vortex Flow Meter?


Choose a vortex flow meter wherever you are measuring steam flow, and for cost-effective measurement of air or gas flow. The good turndown ratio means that flow can be measured at varying velocities.


How does a Vortex meter work?


A vertical flow restriction, a ‘bluff body’ is fitted within the flow meter bore, and as flow moves past this, vortices are formed either side, an effect like a flag flapping in the breeze. There is a direct relationship between the flow rate and the number of vortices, and sensors within the meter count the vortices and derive the flow rate.

For more information on Flowhire's Vortex systems, email us at sales@flowhire.co.uk or call us on 01422 829930.