Flow Meter Verification

Flow Meter Verification

It’s important to regularly check that flow meters are working correctly, giving you reliable measurement for your critical processes. It is also important that this verification takes place with minimal interference with your operations. Flowhire offers various sizes of portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters available for offshore flow meter verification and instrument calibration. They are designed to provide accurate flow measurement for the oil and gas, offshore and pipeline industries.

Non-invasive flow meters for non-intrusive meter verification

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters use compact transducers to transmit and receive ultrasonic pulses, measuring the difference in pulse transit both upstream and downstream to calculate the pipe flow rate.

Clamp-on flow meters are non-invasive, easy to apply and very versatile. As they can detect flow rates from outside the pipework there is no interruption to the flow or process, which means there is no downtime or disruption during installation or operation.

Flowhire’s portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters can be pre-configured before dispatch for ease of installation and use. For more information on offshore flow meter verification, call us on 01422 829930 or email us at sales@flowhire.co.uk.