Flow Systems

Bespoke Flow Systems

Our qualified engineers understand that accuracy, traceability and reliability are essential in all types of measurement but every industry has different requirements. These may not be fulfilled with off-the-shelf products. Flowhire’s bespoke flow systems can offer the ideal solution.


With many years’ experience specialising in flow meters and measurement systems for air, gas, steam and liquids Flowhire is in an excellent position to provide bespoke flow systems for a wide range of industries. Over the years we have produced many bespoke systems for many of our clients.


Systems can include flow meters, pumps and values, as well ancillary products for data logging, additional temperature and pressure measurement and certified crash frames for offshore projects.


Each system is designed to fulfil the requirements of each client. From a single sensor to a complete integrated system Flowhire has the solution. Whatever your requirements, we can build a system to meet them; we relish the challenge of each new project.

For a solution on your bespoke metering application call us on 01422 829930 or email us at sales@flowhire.co.uk.