Pump Performance Testing

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Pump Performance Testing

On-site pump performance testing with Flowhire's test flow meters can provide valuable information regarding how accurate the pump is performing versus the manufacturers specification.

Particularly for safety equipment, maintenance and proof of operation is critical. Not only that, but factory buildings insurance increasingly demands that you can show that vital equipment such pumps not only work but can be shown to deliver the output that they are rated at.

Tests conducted can provide information on actual pump performance and highlight any discrepancies.


Pump Performance Testing Meter Hire

Hiring a meter from Flowhire gives you everything you need to verify pump performance. Many pumps either have no operational meter or the meter only measures to normal operational flow rather than the high flow rates that may be required in an emergency.

Hiring the right flow meter from Flowhire for pump performance testing gives you the opportunity to check on maximum flow rate, verify the flow rate measured by flow meters already in place, and confirm that water at the correct pressure is reaching every part of the network.


Types of pump test meters available

Flowhire offers a range of flow meter types for pump performance monitoring. Clamp-on non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeters can be quickly attached and moved to test in a number of areas, and can be configured for a variety of measurement units.


Hire a pump test meter from the experts

Why not give us a call and discuss your requirements? Our team has the expertise and experience to recommend exactly the right meter for your pump performance verification needs.

Call us on 01422 829930 or email sales@flowhire.co.uk


If you are looking to purchase rather than hire, check out the range of meters at our sister company, Flowquip (link): www.flowquip.co.uk