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Turbine Flow Meters

Flowhire's turbine flow meters are one of the most popular liquid flow measurement tools, and our range of turbine meters for hire have got you covered for both safe and hazardous areas, and at pressures right up to 15,000 psi with our FT3/50 1502 High Pressure Meter. Simple in concept, easy to apply and requiring no external power Flowhire's turbine meters are suitable for liquid chemical and water measurement.

Flowhire offer stainless steel turbine flow meters from 10mm to 100mm, supplied complete with ATEX battery powered resettable totaliser and a robust, helically milled rotor.

Flowhire turbine flow meters are now available with an ATEX totaliser in a rugged aluminium housing making it ideal for handling applications in extreme environments.


If you are looking to purchase rather than rent, check out the range of turbine flow meters at our sister company, Flowquip (link: https://www.flowquip.co.uk/flowmetertechnologies/turbine-flow-meters/)


Typical Applications for Turbine Flow Meters


Turbine flow meters are compact, easy to install and accurate, so they are often fitted with an integral, battery powered instrinsically safe flow rate indicator such as the Contrec Model 202D. Turbine flow meters also find application in a wide variety of industries, for example hygienic mixing and batching in food and drink manufacturing, dairies, distilleries, water and waste measurement and so on.


Turbine meters are versatile and effective, but they do have one limitation, they are significantly affected by variations in fluid density, for example changes due to temperature. Their turndown ratio is also typically limited to 10:1. We are always delighted to advise on your specific application and will supply the right meter for your needs.


How does a Turbine flow meter work?


A free-spinning rotor turns as the fluid passes through, the rotational speed is directly proportional to the flow rate. Small voltage pulses are generated in a magnetic coil sensor mounted in the wall of the flowmeter body and the voltage pulses induced are proportional to the flow rate.

For more information on Flowhire's turbine flow meters, call us on 01422 829920 or email sales@flowhire.co.uk