Turbine Flow Meters

Flowhire’s turbine flow meters are used for the measurement liquid flow. The turbine flow meter contains a free spinning rotor that turns at a speed proportional to the flow velocity. Ideal for accurate measurement of water and chemicals in both safe and hazardous areas at pressures up to 15’000 psi.

Flowhire offer all stainless steel inline turbine flowmeters in sizes from 10mm to 100mm, ideal for the accurate measurement of water and low viscosity liquids. Supplied complete with ATEX battery powered resettable totaliser. New to the range is our high pressure 2” fig. 1502 and 4” fig. 206 turbine flow meters, designed specifically to meet the demands of the oil and petrochemical industry. All Flowhire turbine flow meters can be supplied suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Typical applications include vessel calibration, high pressure flow measurement, subsea metering, chemical measurement, solvent measurement, low viscosity hydrocarbons and fuel oils.

FT Turbine Flow Mete... Turbine Flow Meters
FT3/50-1502 High Pre... Industrial Turbine Flow Meter