Data Loggers

data logger SL7000 Universal Dat... Universal Data Logger

Data loggers and other rental accessories

The SL7000 data loggers can be supplied as an option with virtually any meter supplied by Flowhire, either single flow meters or using a custom junction box for taking signals from up to four flow meters. Data can be downloaded via USB a cable using the supplied software. The data loggers are pre-configured to suit each application prior to despatch. With a very flexible combination of input choices including Pt100, 4-20mA and Slidewire, the SL7000 can be configured to record a wide variety of parameters as well as flow rate. Click on the gallery image above to find out more.

Flowhire also offers a range of other accessories:

Recorders – monitor and display flow rate using a chart or paperless recorder set up for your application.

Laptop PC – we understand that sometimes site services don’t want to introduce additional software on site, so a laptop from Flowhire, with software pre-installed and pre-configured to your application provides a great alternative.

Site transformers – Flowhire are able to provide site transformers to suit your needs. Contact Flowhire to discuss your application.

When you hire from Flowhire you are accessing the most experienced and expert team in the flow meter hire industry. Call us to discuss your application on 01422 829930 or email us on and we will make sure that you are supplied the perfect flow meter with, if you need them, the most appropriate accessories for your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.