Gas Flow Meter Hire

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Gas Flow Meter Hire

Flowhire are specialists in the supply of gas meter hire featuring technologies including: turbine, Coriolis, Vortex meter with temperature and pressure compensation or Thermal Mass flow meter. Flowhire’s expert gas meter hire support will make sure that you have the best possible solution for your application. Whatever meter you choose, it will be are supplied pre-wired if appropriate and, as always, pre-configured to your application.


Vortex Meter hire for gas measurement

For example, we can offer a complete vortex meter skid with everything you need to investigate and monitor your process. Accurate and robust, the Vortex meter systems are supplied within a stainless-steel flanged pipe assembly with flow, temperature and pressure transmitters, and a flow computer which will display mass rate and total flow, compensated for changes in density. Vortex meters are used for low-viscosity gases, although most will be applied to steam measurement.


Thermal mass flow meter hire for gas measurement

The Thermal Mass meter's huge turndown makes it the ideal meter for accurate measurements at low to medium flow rates. With no moving parts and virtually no intrusion into the flow they offer a lower-cost alternative to Coriolis meters. There is no need for temperature or pressure compensation and can be supplied complete with a compatible data logger.


Coriolis meter hire for gas measurement

For the very highest accuracy, we offer the leading Coriolis meter brands. For high pressure, up to 258bar in Zone 1 ATEX area Flowhire supplies a Promass O meter mounted in a certified crash frame, or bare meters supplied ready configured for you to apply to your process.

Applications for Coriolis gas meter hire include off peak consumption and leak detection, or to monitor compressor performance. Although most applications will be for air flow measurement, we can configure certain of our meters for other gases including Biogas.

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