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New Stainless Steel Housing for Offshore Applications

Flowhire’s turbine flow meters have always been one of our most popular liquid flow measurement tools. Supplied with a Contrec 202 ATEX battery powered resettable totaliser they offer an ideal solution for liquid, chemical and water applications in a variety of industries. For more arduous environments particularly those hazardous offshore applications we are now able […]

Flowhire’s turbine meters now available with rugged aluminium IP67 protected totaliser

Flowhire’s turbine flow meters have always been a favourite for hazardous area applications due to their ATEX approvals and robust stainless steel body. But now, since Contrec released their new aluminium enclosure earlier this year, Flowhire turbine meters are now available with a battery powered totaliser housed in Contrec’s new IP67 protected enclosure. The new […]

Prowirl F200 – The revolution in Vortex Technology

Flow Measurement of Steam New in this month is the Prowirl F200 from Endress and Hauser. The F200 increases efficiency and improves safety through wet steam detection and measurement of dryness fraction. A compact solution for the mass flow measurement of steam. Ideal for monitoring steam consumption and demand without the need for additional instrumentation. The flowmeter […]

Promass F300 Coriolis flow meter – Now available to hire

If you are looking for a robust flow meter with premium accuracy and a compact easily accessible transmitter then the Promass F300 Coriolis Flow Meter is the perfect choice. The Promass F has a long standing reputation as a highly accurate sensor. Immune to fluctuating and in harsh enviroments it is suited for the broadest […]

NEW! KATflow 210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The latest addition to our constantly evolving range of stock flow meters for hire is the NEW Katflow 210 Ultrasonic flow meter. The new portable flow meter has been designed for situations where reliable flow metering is required regardless of the conditions in which it needs to be operated. With its advanced battery technology and […]