Steam Measurement

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Steam Measurement

Flowhire’s range of flow meters for steam measurement include vortex and Coriolis and for condensate measurement we can offer magnetic flow technologies, giving you everything you need to measure boiler feed flow, condensate and steam, either volumetrically or by mass flow. Additionally, our specialist vortex flow meter rigs give you everything you need to measure and log steam production.


Condensate and Boiler Feed Flow Meter Hire


Choose from Flowhire’s range of rental flow meters to steam measurement, and condensate and boiler feed water – vortex meters and electromagnetic flow meters all sourced from the world’s leading suppliers. Flowhire offer meters that will measure flow rates up to 200ºC and will give you all the advice and support you need to make sure you have exactly the right flow meter for your specific application.


Steam and Superheated Steam Meter Hire


Vortex meters form the backbone of Flowhire's measuring systems for both saturated and superheated steam measurement. Steam measurement presents particular challenges, as the temperature, high pressure and variations in the composition of the steam flowing through the pipe lead to changes in the measurement parameters.



Flowhire offer a dedicated assembly specifically designed for steam measurement and based on a high-quality vortex meter. Accurate and robust, the systems are supplied in a transit frame as a dedicated skid complete with flanged pipe run, temperature and pressure transmitters, and a flow computer that will display mass rate and total compensated for changes in density. In addition to these systems Flowhire also offer Prowirl 73 or Prowirl F200 compact vortex meters with integrated temperature compensation, these meters are usually supplied with a pre-configured data logger to monitor the flow rate over a period of time. The data is downloaded on return of the meter and a report is produced to show the stem demand in graphical format. If you have applications that fall outside the specification of the standard vortex systems, they can be catered for by the use of orifice plates or averaging pitots connected to high accuracy DP transmitters, but, as always, your first contact will be with our expert team who will be able to advise you on the right system to give you the measurements you need.


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