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Coriolis Flow Meter Hire

Flowhire are specialists in Coriolis flow meter hire, we offer meters for hire from 1mm to 100mm bore, along with Coriolis mass flow meters for hygienic applications and for high pressure liquids and gases in hazardous areas. For the most extreme applications we offer the Promass O for hire, pre-mounted in a fully certified stainless steel crash/lift frame and capable of handling process pressures up to 258 bar.

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If you are looking to purchase rather than hire, check out the range of Coriolis meters at our sister company, Flowquip (link:


Typical Applications for Coriolis Meters


Coriolis flow meters directly measure mass flow of gas and liquid passing through a pipe. Typical applications for mass flow meters include: Fuel consumption, oil and gas separation, batching of chemicals, blending of additives, chemical manufacturing, food manufacture and gas flow measurement.


Coriolis meters can be configured to display volumetrically rather than in terms of mass, so they can be used for tanker loading. Coriolis meters are unaffected by changes in gas characteristics due to variations in temperature or pressure and are available with MID conformity for custody transfer applications.


Why choose a Coriolis Flow Meter?


Choose a Coriolis Flow Meter when you are looking for the highest accuracy, typically ±0.1%, optionally ±0.05% over a 20:1 turndown. Because a conditioned flow is not necessary, they are relatively easy to install. 4-20mA, Profibus, HART and pulsed outputs are all available. Coriolis meters are suitable for large pipe sizes and, with no internal moving parts to wear out or degrade, are highly reliable.


How does a Coriolis meter work?


Based on a measurement principle first proposed over 200 years ago and brought up to date by the latest electronic techniques and the accuracy that comes from sophisticated measurement algorithms, a Coriolis meter works by ‘exciting’ and then measuring the oscillation phase shifts of a measuring tube or tubes as liquid or gas flows through it. The phase shift is related to both the mass of material passing through and its density, so a Coriolis meter can directly and simultaneously measure mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity.


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