Oil and Gas

FT Turbine Flow Mete... Turbine Flow Meters
MGF420 Thermal Mass ... Compressed Air Flow Meter
Promass 83 Coriolis ... Coriolis Flow Meter
Electromagnetic R... Electromagnetic Flow Meter
FT3/50-1502 High Pre... Industrial Turbine Flow Meter
MGF-400 Insertion Ma... Flow Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases
KATflow 200 Portable... Hand-Held Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter
KATflow 230 Ultrason... Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow meter
Promass Flow Meter Coriolis Flow Meter
High Pressure ATEX P... Coriolis Flow Meter
Prosonic 93T Ultraso... Clamp-on Flow meter
Fluxus F608 ATEX Ult... ATEX Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow meter
Fire Hydrant Test Flow Meter Small Fire Hydrant Test Fl... Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Vortex System for Ai... Vortex Skid
NEW! Prowirl F200 Ma... Vortex Flow meter
SL7000 Universal Dat... Universal Data Logger
NEW! KATflow 210 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow meter
NEW! Promass F300 Fl... Coriolis Flow Meter

Flow Meter Hire for the Oil and Gas Industry

Flowhire is the UK’s leading specialist supplier of expert flow monitoring and flow measurement rental services to the oil and gas industry, both on-shore and off-shore. We hold a comprehensive range of flow measurement equipment for your air, steam, gas and liquid measurement needs but, perhaps even more importantly, we bring you the benefit of more than two decades of experience. We understand the oil and gas industries, so we can recommend exactly the right flow meter for your application. Every system we supply is pre-configured to your requirements prior to despatch and can be supplied, if required, with transit or crash frames for ease of transportation.


Typical Oil and Gas Flowmetering applications:


Flow Meters for Pipeline Dewatering, Pigging and Purging

Typical flowmeter: The Promass ‘O’ Coriolis flow meter is designed for oil and gas, is ATEX Zone 1 certified and measures both liquids and gases up to 258bar and 200ºC.


Fire Hydrant Testing Meters

Typical flowmeter: The Flowhire Fire Hydrant Test Meter is designed specifically for this crucial application and incorporates a high-quality electromagnetic flow meter, which tells you which hydrants are working, the flow rate from the hydrant and the water main capacity.


Flow Meters for Pressure Testing  

Typical flowmeter: Flowhire’s 1502 turbine flow meter is designed specifically for the rigours of oil and gas industry applications. The body is machined from Alloy A286, the high yield strength allowing it to be used at very high pressures, while the rotor is 431 stainless steel and has been designed with fewer rotor blades and a shallow angle to cope with liquids including entrained solids.


Pump Performance Testing 

Typical flowmeters: Clamp-on non-invasive flow meters can be quickly and easily attached for flow surveys or where the process can’t be interrupted. Alternatively, Flowhire supply a range of electromagnetic flow meters, and data loggers and other accessories can also be provided.


Flow Meter Verification

Typical flowmeters: Portable clamp-on flowmeters are ideal for flow verification, and operate without breaking into the process, transmitting and receiving ultrasonic signals through the pipe walls. As with all Flowhire equipment, clamp-on flowmeters can be pre-configured to your specific application.


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If you are looking to purchase rather than hire,  check out the range at our sister company, Flowquip www.flowquip.co.uk.