Flow Meter, Vessel and Load Cell Calibration

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Flowhire's Coriolis flow meters can be used as traceable master meters fitted in line with the existing meters. Alternatively to save pipe work alterations use the master meter for load cell calibration, and use the vessel to volumetrically check the installed flow meters and/or batching system.

For calibration of vessels and load cells, choose between true mass flow or volumetric flow. Flowhire's Coriolis mass flow meters have a typical accuracy of better than 0.1% of reading and are equally well suited to applications which require the precise measurement to be in kilos or in litres. The 1" Coriolis systems are fitted with a presettable batch controller with two stage closure solenoid valves for accurate load cell calibration and mixing vessel, process vessels and smaller storage vessel calibration. For hazardous area applications or where there is no mains power available, Flowhire have 2" all mechanical 0.25% meters with presets and mechanical self closing valves.

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Should you wish to buy a flow meter, this can be done through our sister company Flowquip Ltd