Coriolis Flow Meters

Coriolis Flow Meter Hire.

Flowhire stock Coriolis mass flowmeters for most applications. With meters from 1mm to 100mm bore, dedicated meters for hygienic applications and new to our range the Promass ‘O’ which is a highly accurate mass flow meter for high pressure liquids and gases in hazardous areas. The Promass 'O' is capable for process pressures up to 258 bar and comes in a fully certified stainless steel crash/lift frame.

Typical applications include calibration vessels and loads cells, highly accurate measurement of high pressure liquids and gases in hazardous areas, pipeline pigging and dewatering.

Promass 83 Coriolis ... Coriolis Flow Meter
Promass Flow Meter Coriolis Flow Meter
High Pressure ATEX P... Coriolis Flow Meter
NEW! Promass F300 Fl... Coriolis Flow Meter