Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic Flow meters

One of our most popular meters is the magnetic flow meter, also technically known as an electromagnetic flow meters or more commonly just called a mag meter. Flowhire offer a full bore mag flow meters, suitable for water, waste water, conductive liquids and slurries, these can be supplied as a bare meter or with a resettable rate totaliser and / or fully pre-configured data logger.
In addition to this we offer our dedicated hydrant test meters, using the electromagnetic principle these meters are specifically designed to measure water flow rate from fire hydrants and stand pipes.

All our hydrant test meters are battery powered and have integrated data loggers.

Typical applications for Flowhire Electromagnetic Flow Meters include inline flow measurement of conductive liquids and slurries, waste water/effluent monitoring and measurement of water flow rate and pressure from hydrants and stand pipes.

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