SL7000 Universal Data Logger

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Universal Data Logger

Flowhire’s SL700 Datalogger comes pre-configured for your application

The SL7000 data logger can be supplied as an option with virtually any meter supplied by Flowhire. Data can be downloaded via USB a cable using the supplied software.

Universal data loggers can be supplied with either single flow meters or using a custom junction box for taking signals from up to four flow meters. The data logger comes are pre-configured to suit each application prior to despatch.
If required Flowhire can set the loggers to auto start at a pre-determined time and date and offer a download service after the hire if required.
The SL7000 data loggers have a very flexible combination of inputs from a single temperature up to 4 universal inputs each which means they can be individually configured with the software to accept any combination of the following input types:
ŸŸ RTD/Pt100
ŸŸ Thermocouple (Types J, K, T, R, S, B, N) with isolated tip
ŸŸ 4/20mA
ŸŸ 0–10Vdc
ŸŸ 0–100mV
ŸŸ Various Thermistors
ŸŸ Slidewire
ŸŸ Cu Sensors
ŸŸ Ni Sensors
All SL7000 series data loggers are currently supplied with the required download cable and software.