6″ Prowirl O

  • Prowirl O Flow Meter

High Pressure Mass Vortex Flow Meter

High Pressure Prowirl O Flow Meter with Integrated Pressure and Temperature Compensation

The 6″ (DN150) Prowirl O Flow Meter is a high pressure vortex flow meter with integrated pressure and temperature compensation – ideal for accurate mass flow measurement of compressed air, nitrogen, steam and process gases. The Prowirl O offers reliable process control in demanding gas and steam applications with high process pressure. It’s design ensures maximum safety in main and ancillary processes. Additionally it offers highest operational safety in hazardous areas. Heartbeat Technology ensures process safety at all times.

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  • Measuring principle


  • Product headline

    Flowmeter optimized for requirements of high-pressure mating pipes. Better process control – integrated temperature and pressure measurement for steam and gases. The specialist for applications with high process pressure.

  • Sensor features

    Increased mechanical integrity for flow measurement – special sensor design. Same accuracy down to Re 10 000 – most linear Vortex meter body. Long-term stability – robust drift-free capacitive sensor. Saturated steam mass flow up to PN 250 (Class 1500). Full compliance with NACE (MR0175/MR0103).

  • Transmitter features

    Convenient device wiring – separate connection compartment. Safe operation – no need to open the device due to display with touch control, background lighting. Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology. Display module with data transfer function. Robust dual-compartment housing.

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