Prowirl F200 Mass Steam Meter

  • Prowirl F200

Vortex Flow meter

Prowirl F200 Vortex Flow Meter

The Prowirl F200 Mass Steam Meter is a flowmeter with detection of wet steam conditions, which is available as compact or remote version.

A compact solution for the mass flow measurement of steam. Ideal for monitoring steam consumption and demand without the need for additional instrumentation.

The flowmeter for accurate steam flow measurement with wet steam detection. Integrated temperature compensation measuring for mass/energy flow of saturated steam, optimized for steam measurement.
The Prowirl F200 features a multi-line digital display showing mass flow rate and totalised flow. With pulse and 4–20mA outputs the Prowirl can be supplied with a fully pre-configured data logger or interface allowing you to take the flow signals in to your own data logger or BMS.


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