New Stainless Steel Housing for Offshore Applications

Flowhire’s turbine flow meters have always been one of our most popular liquid flow measurement tools. Supplied with a Contrec 202 ATEX battery powered resettable totaliser they offer an ideal solution for liquid, chemical and water applications in a variety of industries. For more arduous environments particularly those hazardous offshore applications we are now able to offer the 202 rate totaliser in a new robust Stainless Steel housing giving even more protection where our customers need it most.

What are the advantages of flow meter hire?

What are the advantages of flow meter hire?

It’s question we’re asked a lot. It also surprises us how often people don’t realise hiring a flow meter is an option. Hiring has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with manufacturers under increasing pressure to reduce energy losses in steam and compressed air systems, also environmental pressures are forcing companies to measure and monitor effluent and waste accurately, for most of these applications a permanent installation just isn’t necessary.

advantages of hiring a flow meter

Here Flowhire’s Director Matt Bancroft talks about why hiring can be a cost-effective alternative.

There are three main benefits of hiring a flow meter.

The first is availability: our customers often require meters on a next or same day basis in the event of a breakdown in a critical application. Purchasing a Vortex flow meter or Coriolis flow meter can involve long delivery times, but with Flowhire’s wide range of metering technologies and sizes we can usually provide a meter to do the job. Often there can be a sudden change in project requirements, because of the vast variety of metering technologies and sizes it’s not always possible for customers to keep spare meters on site.

The second benefit is that it allows customers to try an instrument before they buy, proving its suitability before making that investment.

And the final reason relates to capital expenditure considerations. With budgets for new equipment being more tightly controlled, hiring enables customers to solve their meter problem using maintenance budgets rather than having to go through the tendering processes for capital purchasing.

So, which is the most popular flow meter on the hire fleet? Our most popular flow meter has to be our clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meters they are compact in size so good for small space or when you need to go up a ladder, but also they clamp on to existing pipework so negate the need to cut into pipework. Applications include: Energy monitoring and heat metering, and measurement of most liquids in filled pipes.

We now have 20 Ultrasonic flow meters on the hire fleet which can be easily configured and shipped out quickly for your application.

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Flowhire meet the local needs of the Oil and Gas Industry

Located in Dyce, Precision Pumping and Metering are no strangers to meeting the arduous demands of the local offshore sector. ‘Injecting life into the oil and gas industry’, PPM have been supplying chemical injection equipment, offshore surveys and maintenance and repair for offshore projects for over 10 years.

Now, following a partnership with Flowhire Ltd – the UK’s leading flow meter hire specialists as well as their chemical injection skids, PPM can offer a wide range of flow meters to hire from stock, ready to ship on a same or next day service. Flowhire, who are celebrating their 20th year in business offer a wide range of flowmeters covering virtually all measurement applications, and with two decades of experience in supplying flow meter rental, technical support is always on hand should it be required.

Flowhire’s Technical Director Matt Bancroft said “Flowhire has been successfully supplying the Aberdeen Oil and Gas Industry for 20 years but having a stock-holding in Aberdeen will enable us to serve our customers faster. We have always had a great relationship with the team at PPM and trust them to still offer the same standards of service that our customers adhere to. PPM make sure every system is supplied pre-configured for use, and supplied with transit or crash frames if required for ease of transportation. Our customers can rest assured that they are getting the same great service at the same great price”

Flowhire’s wide range of flow meters to hire for the oil and gas industry include the popular Promass O Coriolis flow meter which is ATEX Zone 1 certified and is capable for liquids and gases up to 258 bar and 200ºC – ideal for pipeline dewatering, pigging and purging. For pressure testing, Flowhire’s 1502 high pressure turbine flow meter is specifically designed for demanding offshore applications, the body is machined from alloy A286 and the high yield strength allows it to be used at extremely high pressures.

Other meters available from PPM include meters for fire hydrant testing – essential on oil rigs to ensure the safety of both assets and personnel, and clamp on non-invasive flow meters, which are easy to use and quickly attached for pump performance testing and flow surveys.

Stuart Wood, Director of Precision Pumping said “It is great to have Flowhire on board, their range of flow meters perfectly complement our chemical injection rental model, where speedy response and personal customer service are paramount”

Flowhire’s turbine meters now available with rugged aluminium IP67 protected totaliser

Flowhire’s turbine flow meters have always been a favourite for hazardous area applications due to their ATEX approvals and robust stainless steel body. But now, since Contrec released their new aluminium enclosure earlier this year, Flowhire turbine meters are now available with a battery powered totaliser housed in Contrec’s new IP67 protected enclosure. The new IP67 enclosure gives you the full compliment of hazardous area approvals to ATEX and IECEx standards, making Flowhire’s turbines now capable for handling applications in the most extreme conditions.

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Prowirl F200 – The revolution in Vortex Technology

Flow Measurement of Steam

New in this month is the Prowirl F200 from Endress and Hauser. The F200 increases efficiency and improves safety through wet steam detection and measurement of dryness fraction.

A compact solution for the mass flow measurement of steam. Ideal for monitoring steam consumption and demand without the need for additional instrumentation.

Measurement of steam

The flowmeter for accurate steam flow measurement with wet steam detection. Integrated temperature compensation measuring for mass/energy flow of saturated steam, optimized for steam measurement.
The Prowirl F200 features a multi-line digital display showing mass flow rate and totalised flow. With pulse and 4–20mA outputs the Prowirl can be supplied with a fully pre-configured data logger or interface allowing you to take the flow signals in to your own data logger or BMS.

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Promass F300 Coriolis flow meter – Now available to hire

If you are looking for a robust flow meter with premium accuracy and a compact easily accessible transmitter then the Promass F300 Coriolis Flow Meter is the perfect choice.
The Promass F has a long standing reputation as a highly accurate sensor. Immune to fluctuating and in harsh enviroments it is suited for the broadest range of application. With its compact transmitter Promass F300 offers high flexibility in terms of operation and system integration: access from one side, remote display and improved connectivity options. Heartbeat Technology ensures compliance and process safety at all times.

Device properties

Mass flow: measured error ±0.05 % (PremiumCal)
Medium temperature: -196 to 350 °C (-320 to 662 °F)
Nominal diameter: DN 8 to 250 (3/8 to 10″)
Compact dual-compartment housing with up to 3 I/Os
Backlit display with touch control and WLAN access
Remote display available

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NEW! KATflow 210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The latest addition to our constantly evolving range of stock flow meters for hire is the NEW Katflow 210 Ultrasonic flow meter. The new portable flow meter has been designed for situations where reliable flow metering is required regardless of the conditions in which it needs to be operated.

With its advanced battery technology and durable waterproof housing the instrument is intended for long-term installation in remote areas where access to power is limited and exposure to the worst of elements is likely.
This device has been further enhanced by the inclusion of a specially manufactured IP 68 version of the K1N stainless steel transducers which increases shock protection and ensures this ruggedised package provides the perfect balance of reliability, robustness and autonomy.

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