What are the advantages of hiring a flow meter?

What are the advantages of hiring a flowmeter?

It’s question we’re asked a lot. It also surprises us how often people don’t realise hiring a flow meter is an option. Hiring has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with manufacturers under increasing pressure to reduce energy losses in steam and compressed air systems, also environmental pressures are forcing companies to measure and monitor effluent and waste accurately, for most of these applications a permanent installation just isn’t necessary.

advantages of hiring a flow meter

Here Flowhire’s Director Matt Bancroft talks about why hiring can be a cost effective alternative.

There are three main benefits of hiring a flow meter.

The first is availability: our customers often require meters on a next or same day basis in the event of a breakdown in a critical application. Purchasing a Vortex or Coriolis meter can involve long delivery times, but with Flowhire’s wide range of metering technologies and sizes we can usually provide a meter to do the job. Often there can be a sudden change in project requirements, because of the vast variety of metering technologies and sizes it’s not always possible for customers to keep spare meters on site.

The second benefit is that it allows customers to try an instrument before they buy, proving its suitability before making that investment.

And the final reason relates to capital expenditure considerations. With budgets for new equipment being more tightly controlled, hiring enables customers to solve their meter problem using maintenance budgets rather than having to go through the tendering processes for capital purchasing.

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