Flow Systems

Offshore Flow Surveys

Pipelines require testing, purging and cleaning, at the pre-commissioning stage and before a product change.  Our flow meter engineers are able to offer offshore flow surveys for many types of diverse applications including:

  • Pipeline dewatering
  • Vacuum drying
  • Pipeline purging

A pipeline must be capable of containing product without leaking and it has to be clean before it is put into service. Dewatering is an essential part of the pipeline commissioning process. It involves pushing a pig through the pipeline propelled by a gas to remove the test water prior to start-up.

Through vacuum drying the evaporation of water intensifies and the boiling point of water drops with decreasing atmospheric pressure. This is an effective method of drying a pipeline to prevent internal corrosion and the formation of hydrates. Pipeline purging, through the displacement of one gas by another, occurs on a routine basis in the natural gas industry as pipelines are purged into and out of service.

Our fully trained engineers understand the importance of pipeline cleaning and purging to ensure efficient and effective operations. Through accurate flow measurement they are able to gauge the success of each stage of the pipeline preparation process.

For more information on our offshore flow surveys contact us on 01422 829930 or email us at sales@flowhire.co.uk.