flow meter installation

Flowmeter Installation

In order to measure flow accurately, it is important that the flow is consistent and smooth. When a fluid flowing through a pipe assumes a desirable flow profile it moves uniformly with the greatest velocity near the centre of the pipe. In order to get the best from a flow meter installation it is important both to make sure that this optimum flow profile is present and also make sure that the flow meter is properly installed – poor flow meter installation can disturb this profile and degrade measurement.


Experienced Flow Meter Installation Engineers

Flowhire’s trained engineers have many years’ experience in providing flow meter installations in all kinds of diverse applications. They are fully aware of the challenges posed by fluid disturbance, such as flow-profile distortion and swirl, which often result from a poor choice of installation position, or a difficult pipeline configuration.


Correct Flow Meter Installation

Flowhire will advise on correct installation position and mitigate the effects of the configuration of the process, to avoid fluid disturbances that may affect a meter’s flow coefficients. Our trained engineers will ensure each flow meter is installed in the best position to ensure accuracy. We understand that accuracy, traceability and reliability are essential in all flow meter applications.


Flowhire’s many years of experience and absolute focus on flow measurement and flow measurement services is your guarantee that we have the knowledge and the skills to give you the best possible result. Please feel free to call us to discuss your installation requirements. Call us on 01422 829930 or email us at sales@flowhire.co.uk.