Flowhire’s Ultrasonic Flow Meter hired to assist Atkins to develop a hydraulic model for the Port of Dover

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Atkins – a member of the SNC Lavalin Group, and one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies were recently commissioned by the Dover Harbour Board to build a hydraulic model of the potable water network at the port.

Constructing a hydraulic model of the site allows the Port of Dover to analyse the hydraulic behaviour of the water network within the port which allows them to better understand and operate their network in the future.

To create an accurate model, Atkins required accurate flow instrumentation to enable them to measure the fluid flows and environmental conditions throughout the port. To do this GPRS pressure loggers were located on strategic locations across the site and ultrasonic flow meters were fitted on the outlet pipework of the reservoir that serves the site. Utilising Flowhire’s Ultrasonic flow meters negated the need to cut in to existing pipework which is located in a cave within the cliff, with the Ultrasonic flow meters installed Atkins were able to measure the flow from the reservoir located on top of the cliffs.

Atkins built and issued the Port of Dover with a functional hydraulic model based on the new data collected by them as well as data from a previous survey undertaken of the site by a third-party contractor. This model allows the Port of Dover to test out different operational scenarios and model the impact of planned and reactive works.

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