Flowhire’s Promag 50P Electromagnetic flow meter used for testing new products for the Offshore Industry

Promag 50P

Flowhire’s Promag 50P proved to be the ideal solution for testing pump capabilities for a new product being launched to the oil and gas market.

ScanTech Offshore Ltd is the leading provider of air compressors, steam generators, rig cooling equipment and qualified personnel for the energy sector worldwide.

They recently approached Flowhire requiring a solution to test the pump capability of a new product aimed at the oil and gas industry where the pump is used to circulate water in order to cool compressed air. The pump they were using was initially proven to be driving out less water than required. To enable them to diagnose the issue, the Promag 50P was placed in the line from the water supply in the test tank. While the pump was running, flow rates were checked under different operating conditions.

Using the information given from the flow meter, the issue was identified and fixed and the flow was ultimately proven to be satisfactory.

Scott Berry, Project Engineer at ScanTech Offshore said “The flow meter from Flowhire was very simple to use and to connect into the system, which allowed us to operate with no issues”

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