Engine manufacturer Perkins use Flowhire’s Ultrasonic clamp on flow meter to test their engine’s water cooling capabilities

ultrasonic clamp on flow meter

Engine manufacturer Perkins recently hired Flowhire’s KATflow clamp on ultrasonic flow meter to test the efficiency of the water-cooling circuitry within their manufactured engines.

Perkins Engines Stafford has established a reputation for quality and consistency producing 1300, 1600, 2000 and 4000 Series engines. A multi-million investment in new production facilities enabled its transformation in December 2014 into a Centre of Excellence for the manufacture of the 4000 Series – the largest product in their portfolio. This allowed them to maintain the highest standards of quality, reliability and innovation that their customers have come to expect, and to meet the growing demand for reliable engines for generator sets all over the world.

Engines from Stafford provide standby power for example, at The Shard in London; Rialto Towers, Melbourne; and the Royal Hospital London. They power the flood defences on the Seine in Paris and provide prime power for the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Flowhire’s KATflow clamp on Ultrasonic flow meter was required hired by Perkins to validate their test wing’s cooling capacity in terms of water flow. Utilising the KATflow clamp-on flow meter allowed them to measure the water flow without the need to cut into the existing pipework on the test bed. By clamping the flow meter to the pipework they were able to measure the water flow from the cooling tower, and because the water flow is proportionate to thermal rejection, this provided an easier way of testing rather than referring to complicated heat calculations.

To validate the individual engine test cell capability, the test bed flow was restricted as well as testing the circuitry with all the cells full open.

Perkins Engines Facilities Engineer Rob Perkins said “The KATflow 200 meter proved to be very effective and the results were repeatable. The service and support we always receive from Flowhire is first class”

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