VA 400 Insertion Mass

Flow Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases

The VA 400 Series flow meter is a simple and economical solution for the measurement of compressed air and process gases in large diameter pipes. The compressed air flow meter operates using the well-proven calorimentric measuring principle.  This technology uses a heated sensor which is cooled by the gas flow as it passes and  the degree of cooling is dependent upon the mass flow rate of the flow medium.   Through precise measurement of the cooling effect a direct mass flow reading can be calculated therefore additional temperature and pressure sensors are not required.

The VA 400 not only calculates and display mass flow rate and total but also provides signal outputs to interface with other process instrumentation.  A 4-20mA output linear to instantaneous mass flow rate and a scaled pulse for flow total are available as standard.

Due to its compact design and flexibility the MGF-400 can be used to monitor a wide range of  compressed air systems.

The VA 400 is designed for pipeline installations from 2” to 12”.  For smaller installations, 1/2” to 2”, we can offer the VA 420 (see separate data sheet)

The  VA 400 is not only suitable for compressed air measurement but can also handle such gases as nitrogen, oxygen  and CO2

Installation of VA 400 can be carried out easily and quickly.    Should the sensor require removal for calibration or cleaning purposes this can be done without shutting down the process flow if the sensor is installed via a 1/2” isolation ball valve.

Precise positioning of the sensor in the flow stream is easily achieved through the use of an engraved depth scale.