Prosonic 93T Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter

  • Prosonic 93T Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Clamp-on Flow meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Prosonic 93T Ultrasonic Flow Meter is the ideal solution for applications with sound conducting liquids, e.g. water, wastewater, oils, solvents, acids, hydrocarbons and chemicals.

This Endress + Hauser Prosonic 93T Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a highly advanced portable ultrasonic flow measuring system for the volumetric flow measurement of liquids.

The Ultrasonic clamp-on system allows accurate and cost-effective flow measurement from outside the pipe and without the need to interrupt the process. The flow measurement is bidirectional and causes no pressure loss.

The sensors are perfectly suited for the non-contact measurement of pure or slightly contaminated liquids, regardless of the pressure or electrical conductivity.

• Ideal solution for temporary use everywhere precise measurement or verification is required

• Particularly suitable for retrofitting, monitoring and verifying measuring points

• Suitable for pipe diameters from DN 15 to 4000 (½ to 160″)

• Suitable for fluid temperatures ranging from –40 to +170 °C (–40 to +338 °F)

• Can be used with all metal and plastic pipes lined or unlined and with composite pipes

• Ideal solution for all applications with soundconducting liquids, e.g. water, wastewater, oils, solvents, acids, hydrocarbons and chemicals

The measured error depends on a number of factors. A distinction is made between the measured error of the device (Prosonic Flow 93T = 0.5% of the measured value) and an additional installation-specific measured error (typically 1.5% of the measured value) that is independent of the device.
The installation-specific measured error depends on the installation conditions on site, such as the nominal diameter, wall thickness, real pipe geometry, fluid, etc. The sum of the two measured errors is the measured error at the measuring point.

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