Air Flow Measurement

Flowhire offer a range of flow meters for compressed air flow measurement. Our range includes, Insertion flow meters, Thermal Mass flow meters as well as Coriolis and Vortex Flow Meters.

All flow meters are supplied with local displays if required and different output options. 

Instruments are supplied pre-configured with your application details. 


MGF420 Thermal Mass ... Compressed Air Flow Meter
Promass 83 Coriolis ... Coriolis Flow Meter
MGF-400 Insertion Ma... Flow Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases
Promass Flow Meter Coriolis Flow Meter
High Pressure ATEX P... Coriolis Flow Meter
Vortex System for Ai... Vortex Skid
NEW! Promass F300 Fl... Coriolis Flow Meter